Mom – Olympic Challenges for Today

Mom-olympics Game for HOme

We are celebrating our own little Mom- Olympics in honor of this year Olympic Winter Games. I personally love the ice skating. I have learned to hold my breath through nearly an entire routine in fear of the poor participant falling on their bum.

If you did not see the initial Game Challenge you can find it here.

Momma Olympics – Homemaking Game for Busy Moms

We are tallying up points each day for household chores and general home paper pushing, like meal planning and paying the bills. Our points are our daily little mommy medals.  I am aiming for at least 250 points this morning. This will be a snap because each Olympic Challenge listed below is worth 100 points!

1. Being an Olympian Mom takes focus, practice and patience. To accomplish all of these things we have to learn to balance our lives. This challenge is all about balance.  Today along with household chores, child care, hubby care, partner care and work…. bring out your excellent planning skills and carve out 15 minute of YOU time.  Time for reading, writing, crafting, walking, dancing or whatever brings out that gorgeous momma smile.  100 points for this mom-olympic challenge.

2.  The next challenge is all about teaching our children to do for themselves in the bathroom.mommaolympics

Please click thru, do the challenge and earn 100 points for your Mom-Olympics.

Boys Bathroom’s Are Nasty

3.  Easy Peasy Challenge – Take 5 minutes and visit the messiest room in the house.  Take those 5 minutes and tidy, clean, organize or just stack things in an orderly fashion to make it look better.  Whew, a simple 5-minute tidy can make a big difference in a room!

I used a 5-minutes method last year to tidy and organize our kitchen pantry.

You can view that post here.

Before and After Kitchen Pantry

100 points in 5 minutes!  Woo hoo!

Have a rocking day moms!

Yes! Home Management Can Be Fun!

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