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Tidy Dash Tuesday


Simple Daily Challenge For Busy Moms and Busy People To Help Get Things Tidy!

Today we are dashing around the house with simple Two-Minute Tidy Dashes.  These are perfect for new moms, crazy busy moms, dads who want to impress their partners with their MAD housekeeping skills and anyone he just needs a bit of order in the chaos of a busy home.

We are starting off we five today and will add 10 next week!

Each item on the list should take two-minutes or less:

1. Take out the trash

2. Put away clutter on the kitchen table for then next meal time!

3. Put away all items around a bathroom sink.

4. Hunt down stray socks and shoes and put them in a bin, box or laundry basket.  Have the OWNERS (aka spouse and kids) put them away when they get home.

5. Put away all stray items on your desk or dresser.

These are simple tasks that when added up make a big difference. Remember less clutter=less stress.

Have a dashing day!


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