Pamela’s Favorite Fall Vignettes 2016

Happy fall friends!  I am excited to share my favorite fall vignettes from this year’s fall decorating sessions. I have had a blast using items I have at home as well as shopping for bargains around town at my favorite local shops.


Sometimes simple really stands out. This pumpkin on a cake stand is one of my favorites.

Bargain Fall Vignette

This photograph was featured on our Bargain Fall Vignette post and although it cost practically nothing it still remains one of my favorites.

Dollar Tree Table Scape

Another favorite, this was designed with all items purchased at the local Dollar Tree! Proving that you can have a farmhouse style fall tablescape for around 35 bucks and that includes the dishes!


This photo was my first vignette of the season and I was a little nervous adding so many items into the tray but I think it came out quite dandy. I adore the Fiestaware vase and the flickering pumpkin spice candle.


Here is another angle of the dining room table, you can see the pretty napkins from, my Homegoods treasure find. You can also see a cheese plate with a glass cover holding a bed of pebble and a little pumpkin.


My second favorite of the Fall Festival, our wine chest and I was lucky to find canvas pillows with orange piping at Target for 8 bucks a piece.  Total find, in my humble opinion.


This is a closeup of the autumn  tray. The pinecone on the upper left hand is solid bronze, a gift from my husband the foundry man.


I was a late bloomer using tiered trays for decorating, but oh boy, I am having a blast with the concept now!
I found this tray at my go to Homegoods  Store as well as the one in the following photo.  This tiered tray features a little coffee service and yummy biscotti.

Applies, Pumpkins and PInecones, 3 tiered tray

I instantly fell in love with this two-tiered basket tray. The top basket can be lowered and raised, which gives incredible versatility. I cant wait to adapt to Christmas!

Fall Vignette Showcase - Mommacan.com

Using yet more apples, because I adore apples and they happen to be in school lunch bags daily around this house, here is another fall vignette refreshed from the Fall Festive tour with this cute set of mason jars.  I was saving these for Christmas, but I could not resist the contrast of the glass against the wooden boxes.


And my last photo for this fall vignette showcase features a special treasure.

If you are like me, a blogger, who happens to really like to decorate and suddenly finds herself “falling” in love with nearly every decor item she encounters online, in stores,  and at flea markets you will be able to relate to very tolerant husbands or partners.  I mean changing the decor for the next holiday a month or two in advance, is admittedly a little bit comical.

This photo is especially dedicated to my husband, because after all the fuss I put into the fall tour, my love for something fun and fall was still in full swing. We were walking around World Market, sipping iced tea from the local coffee shop, and I discovered this adorable red clock.  I casually mentioned, I really like this clock. I mean I did not jump up and down like I had discovered the fountain of youth, I just said it in the same casual way I might say “I feel like Italian tonight for dinner”. He replied, “You should buy it”.  I froze, and  asked, did he really meant it? And, he said YES!  You can bet your morning coffee I grabbed that clock like a toddler enjoying his first popsicle and bought it with real joy in my heart.

It was not the actual purchasing of the clock that made me so happy, it was the gesture.  It meant that all the craziness of decorating to take photos and create posts had made the house beautiful. Although I was a little nutty during the process he enjoyed the way our home looked all gussied up with autumn and my enthusiasm for the project.  I will always look at that red-banged up clock and remember that moment, it was his way of saying, good job Momma.

Thanks for visiting my vignette post.

Do you decorate for fall?  What items do you love incorporating into your designs?

May the wonder of falling leaves and the joy of crisp cool breezes fill you with wonder and joy!


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  1. Your pictures and decor are lovely of course, but the last paragraph stole the show in this post. That clock will be a treasure, I blog as well and it does affect your lifestyle. So wonderful that he made that gesture. I really enjoyed your writing, it was personal funny and vibrant. No way ever do I bet my morning coffee on anything lol. Loved this post.

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