No Sporks Allowed!

Salad with Fruit Slices

How many times have you found yourself as a busy mom eating standing up, at the computer, on the phone, in the car, at the ball park?  Was this meal a protein bar and a diet soda?  Was it a mucho-processed burgers and fries?  Was it a cigar and a glass of  beer?  Just teasing on the last one… I think. lol

Anyway, the simple daily challenge for the day is to have one healthy meal sitting down at some kind of table.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner….. with family or without the family….. the sky is the limit.  Try to make the meal at home yourself.  Or if you have to buy, buy the healthiest thing you can possibly purchase and then eat it sitting down!  With a napkin!  And utensils that are not meant for multi-tasking! (no sporks allowed)

Lets Get To It!

Peace and popcorn,

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