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Mom’s Family Diner- The Refrigerator

momsfamilydiner thefridge



Today we are hanging out again in Mom’s Family Diner. Mom’s diner is the family kitchen and the busiest room in the house. One appliance that gets a lot of love at my house is the refrigerator.  In the hot late part of summer you can always find someone peeking inside and scrounging around for a cool drink or a snack of yogurt or cold, crisp grapes.

Today we are going to quickly clean and organize this important part of our kitchen because to optimize our time in the kitchen the refrigerator needs to be organized and clean.

Let’s Get Started:

1. Take a before photo, it can be fun to see your progress in a digital memory.

2. Remove all items from the refrigerator.

3. Discard the yucky, slimy old stuff.

4. Remove the drawers and put then in a sink of sudsy water to soak. Wash the drawers, then set them out to air dry.

5.Clean the interior with a non-toxic multisurface cleaner. Spray it down and wipe clean, especially the shelving and don’t forget the door frame and door seal. ( the rubber thing around the door)

6. Put back drawers and replace all items, taking care to put like items together.

7. Take an after picture to show how awesome your refrigerator look now and then go enjoy a nice icy, glass of cold water.

All this cleaning will make a gal thirsty!

Have a rocking day!



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