Simple Sunday- Family Movement Day

country walk

I think of all days in the week Sunday should be low key, electronic free as possible and should have some kind of family movement time.  I know with the hustle and bustle of church, sports and other obligations this can be very difficult to squeeze in to our days.  But seriously these family time are memory making times and will be something your children can look back on and smile about even on the toughest of their young adult days.

Simple Daily Challenge: Write a short list of ways your family can get in some fun movement time.  I suggest they be local and super, super cheap because this will make it easier to add to the calendar and do every single week.

Here are a few of mine.

1. Local botanic gardens.

2. Neighborhood walk.

3. Golf range- we buy a key and hit balls for weeks with that key.

4. Local park/playgrounds

5. On rainy days we hit the Reagan Library, we have a membership and it pays for it self time and time again.  Another rainy day choice is the local libary, with the closure of book stores libraries can be a real treat to children of all ages.

I would love to hear your ideas on low cost family outings that incorporate movement. Please share a few if you have some ideas. 

Brothers_Momma's Boys

Today my oldest son is 27!  Yep, I have been parenting for many, many years and it is hard to believe I still have a third grader in house.  Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet, son I am so very proud of you. This photo is a few years old, but it shows how he feels about his little brother.  They are two of the best of buddies and when his brother comes to visit my young son is the happiest kid in the world.  Chris is the best young adult a mom could wish for, kind heart, intelligent, personable and forward thinking.  I am one lucky momma.


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  1. I wanted to say you are one special mom with great kids. Good job. Happy Belated birthday to your son.

    Sorry I have nothing to add to your ideas as I was so busy with my daughter during the weekdays, the weekends were our down time. Enjoy home playing board games or watching movies.

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