Spring Clean Challenge for Busy Moms Kitchen Kick-Off

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 10

We are working in the kitchen today!

The kitchen in many family homes is the busiest and most used room.  In any given day the kitchen will be used for crafting, playing board games, homework, bill paying ,coupon clipping and yep, even cooking when we are able to clear out all that stuff and actually get to the counters, tools and set the table to have a family meal.

Take a look around at your kitchen, what do you see? Clutter? Mess?

What do you wish to see? Organization? Something pretty to look at like a green plant or vase of flowers?

Well, each kitchen has its duties and each kitchen has an opportunity to be organized, functional and beautiful. We just have to jump in and make it happen.

 Kitchen Wishes and Dreams


Today we are going to a pick-up and put away and in the process organize our thoughts about how we want our kitchen to look  and function.

  1. Gather and throw away the trash.
  2. Put away all stray items.
  3. Wash and put away the dishes.

And while we are doing this clearing we are going to devise a little wish list to use throughout the next few days. In the wish list answer the following questions. So grab a piece of paper or and electronic device and answer the following questions.


  1. Which functions of everyday life happen in our kitchen?
  2. Which can we move effectively to another area in the home? ( this may be an empty spot and that is okay)
  3. For functions other than cooking and eating, are we as a family able to put away these items quickly in a designated area? If not, then what can we do about this to make it happen?
  4. Does every item for all functions have a designated home?
  5. When someone helps put away these items how can we work together to get the items into their correct spot?


So ladies and gentlemen let’s get to it!  Clear out the trash and clutter and write your awesome dream kitchen list!

 Weekend Homework


For the weekend, finish up the laundry area and keep the clutter/trash put away and thrown away in the kitchen. Keep up with the dishes and general cleaning so that when we dig into the kitchen next week we will not have to play maintenance catch-up.


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