When Papa Bear Gets Sick- We Tip Toe and Tidy

A Bummer of a Cold

Yep, you guessed it.  Our Papa Bear is sick today.  I woke to the sound of someone paying homage to the porcelain gods.  Apparently my partner in the crime of life has some kind of a bug.  I do not want the bug so I am running around with Lysol and anti-bacterial wipes praying that the rest of the house does not get the bug or beast or whatever it is that has him to his knees.


With my day set up to be hectic as caregiver and mommy I am going to take advantage of the Two-Minute Tidy Sessions.

So in short our Simple Daily Challenges are as follows:

Take Two and Tidy

Each mini-challenge is for two minutes or one groovy tune that you enjoy listening to while you clean/work.

  • Take Two Minutes- And tidy up what is left of the breakfast dishes and wipe down the sink and counters. It seems to me there is always one or two dishes left out no matter how hard I try to clean as I go. 
  • Take Two Minutes- And tidy up a bathroom counter. If you have some of those nifty wipes or homemade bathroom cleaner wipes give the sink a quick wipe down as well.  ( I am all about killing germs today)
  • Take Two Minutes- and pick up clutter from the main family room. This will give everyone in the house a chance of a peaceful evening. Clutter stresses people out and if you have a 3 or more family members that are all stressed out there will be some kind of silly argument at some point for pretty much no reason.
  • Take Two Minutes and delete as many silly, spam, fluff and useless emails out of your inbox. There is nothing more satisfying then zapping out spam, well maybe a pound of calorie- free rocky road ice cream.

And that is it have a rocking day.

P.S. I am still working on last weeks organizing project.  I hope to finish today, but  going into my son’s room was  a risk, I just had no idea how high the risk. ( little bit of morning humor)

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