Is Your Child’s Bathroom A Mess?

( I just adore the simple lines and the joyfully sky blue painted walls in this bathroom!)

Messy Children’s Bathroom Take One


Is your child’s bathrom a mess? I know my my little boy’s bathroom is a mess on many occasions.  I have laxed a bit on him tidying up because school and life sometimes get realy busy and I just feel too tired to lay down the tidy bathrom law some days.  There are always:

  • Towels on the floor.
  • Toothpaste ickies on the sink.
  • Dental floss sticks lined up like toy soldiers on the side of the bathtub. ( okay, that one is a little strange)
  • Dirty socks here and there.
  • And at least one light saber blocking the door at all times.

So today we are going to have a little clean-up session.  My son wants to have a friends over to play, so I have the perfect motivation for him to get his chores finished lickety split!

Simple Daily Challenge: Teach your little ones how to pick up their clothes and hang up their bath towel.  Monitor the older children into putting all their stray items back in place!  I love a Simple Daily Challenge where I am the job boss!

Have a rocking day moms! See you tomorrow for Take Two!


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  1. My child is on her own and she was a mess period. Her bathroom is a mess in her apartment but she shares it with one other person..so it is a double mess..So glad I don’t have to deal with it lol. Great post as always.

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