100 Club – We Are A Band of Rockin’ Mommy Winners



Don’t you love it when you wake up in the morning, slip into your “driving the kids to school yoga pants” and proceed to trip over athletic shoes, karate belts and tiny tutus.  Once you finally realize you are trying to walk around without the benefits of your morning coffee- energy you step on a band of evil Legos doing organized battles with Barbie high-heels riding atop their brand new Hot Wheels convertibles. 


These are the kind of mornings that cause bad hair days and Global Warming. What? You don’t think angry mom steam is adding to the global warming crisis? Well, maybe not but at my age angry mom steam is sometimes confused with hot flashes. I am really not sure which is which but I do know that clutter can cause both the steam and the flash.


And that is why it is Monday and hooray!  On Mondays we do a rocking best to fight clutter crime and win!


Let’s Do This Moms:


Set your timer for 10 minutes or less, your choice. Pick the most cluttered room in the house, mine is the living area. Pick up and put away 100 items and yes you can count Legos and Barbie shoes.

When you are finished do a happy mommy dance and reflect on how awesome your are, then do something a bit fun. You totally deserve a tidy home and you totally deserve a bit of fun. We are all winners in the 100-club clutter crime fighitng pick-up.

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