Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge- The Bathroom


Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge- The Bathroom

For the next three days we are going to tackle the bathrooms. The bathrooms can be a really disturbing places if we do not stay on top of clutter. Too many empty shampoo bottles can make your shower a domino disaster instead of the nice 2 minute hot shower (come on we are moms, gone are the days of long hot showers) that we had planned. Okay, maybe 5 minutes  but you know what I am saying.  If the trash can is full, then the trash ends up stacked by the counter instead of in the trash. Old make up tubes can grow ickies that we really do not want near our eyes. And outdated medicine and perfume from the seventies is just taking up precious space.

If you have more than one bathroom then this is a perfect time to get your children to help out. Have them go on a hunt for empty tissue boxes, toothpaste tubes, random toilet tissue rolls and empty hair product bottles. Make sure you make a list if you need to add these items to your next shopping trip.


Let’s Get Started:

We are going to tackle the trash and other clutter from top to bottom in the shower and bath areas and the floor. We should finish in 5 -10 minutes.

Grab a trash bag, set a timer or turn on some music and throw away trash and put away all random articles you may find on the floor or near the shower and bath. If you have extra time then tackle the top of the vanity.

When you finish the room should look pretty tidy. Empty your trash bag and the trash bins in the bathrooms and you are finished!

Have a fun Saturday!

I will be posting on the Facebook Fan Page this morning all the items I discover! Please join in and post or leave a comment in the comment section. Your responses may just motivate some other mom who is feeling overwhelmed today.


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