Putting Our Big Toe in the Water

Putting Our Big Toe in the Water

It’s time to take a tiny step in our GTD series.

Remember when we referred to Calgon Take Me Away, that super happy feeling of warmth, peace and happy.  Our baby step in this post is going to put our Big Toe in that bubbly warm water.

Wait! I don’t have time to stick my toe in any water, much less warm, bubbly water.

Never fear, we are going to break even this task down into tiny steps so that even the busiest mom in the world can start enjoying the benefits of GTD. The tiny steps will last around two minutes.

Lets Begin:

  1. Write down the top two things that are weighing on your mind. Whatever is giving you worries or something that simply needs to be done. I know this is hard, especially if you still have preschoolers and babies at home. Just write them down. And when you have another two minutes do the next step.

Here are mine:

Make appointment with doctor.

Make practice CD’s for children’s choir.

  1. Next, write down the very next step it would take to accomplish your top two things. These steps are called actions.

Here are mine:

  1. Find number to call doctor.
  2. Gather blank CD’s

And it is that simple, well at least for these two projects. And yes, making the doctor’s appointment can be a project for many moms in many cases.  Because we may need to find a sitter to take one child to the doctor and/or schedule the appointment so that daddy or another caregiver can be there as well.

Now of course when you start writing down all of your projects it might seem a little overwhelming. But, oh the feeling of being able to tell the PTA President NO! I cannot bake an extra dozen cookies for the school fair because I am already volunteering at two booths and donating paper cups for the concession stand.

Getting all of it down and out of our heads is our next step.  See you there!

And it wouldn’t hurt to run to the grocery and buy some Calgon because it won’t be long until we are fully immersed in that bubbly goodness and totally be in our Momma Groove.

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  1. Breaking things down into steps is a good way to make them feel more doable! When I’m most stressed, I like to write down my worries and sort them into categories of “Can Do Something About” and “Can’t Do Anything About.” 🙂

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