40 Day Clutter Challenge Decluttering Family Photos

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40 Day Clutter Challenge Decluttering Family Photos

Welcome to day 30 of the 40-day clutter challenge.  Our goal is to declutter, organize and tidy for 20 minutes or less per day while choosing 12 items to get rid of that we no longer love, need or use. Today we are working on photographs, the real ones printed on photo paper.

Organizing and decluttering family photos can be a real time eater.  One minute you have your timer set for 20 minutes and you have told yourself you will get rid of all the 80’s over-exposed photos with folks in the frames you don’t know because they were your parent’s friends in high school and the next minute you have missed lunch and the kids are super cranky.

My suggestion is to choose what you would like to accomplish today and stick to it.

20 minutes 12 items out the door.

This does not mean decluttering family heirlooms. But it can mean organizing them and putting them in a safe environment.

My personal goal is to shred the photos that are so overexposed they will never be useful to anyone and to shred the ones that have folks in them that I just happen to take at events over the past several years.   Remember we are only devoting 20 minutes, we do not need decluttering burnout, 20 years of collecting photos cannot be overhauled in one day so this may be something to revisit once a month until it is complete.


 When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. Ansel Adams


Tomorrow -Digital Photos

Question: How you do you store your photos?


Have a rocking day!




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