How To Be A Good Messenger To Your Family

How To Be A Good Messenger

How To Be A Good Messenger

Welcome to our 5th challenge of the 40 Day Clutter Challenge. Today we begin with two inspiring quotes. One from Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and other from Simon Sinek.  Both inspiring

If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.

Mother Teresa –  Founder of the Missionaries of Charity,  Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 and recently canonized.

We live in times of high stress. Messages that are simple, messages that are inspiring, messages that are life-affirming, are a welcome break from our real lives.

Simon Sinek – Author and Motivational Speaker

I have read these two quotes over and over with many thoughts zooming around in my head.  As a mother, I am a full-time messenger to my children.  As a wife, I am an important messenger to my husband.  As a daughter, I am a messenger and message receiver of my parents.  As an employee and volunteer, I am a messenger and a message receiver. As a Church member, I am a message receiver from my Pastor.  As a Christian, I am a message receiver of God.   When I look at all of these roles the one thing that sticks out is that to really be a good messenger or message receiver I need to first be a very good listener.   I cannot send a message to my children or spouse that is needed or timely if I do not first listen to their needs.   If I am attending church services, having dinner with my parents or just sitting quietly talking to God I need to be able to listen carefully and quietly so that I can truly receive their message.

With the chaos of the world as it swims endlessly in the noise of over-taxed schedules, constant streaming of media and 500 or more emails per day I need to learn as a mom, wife, daughter and contributing member of any group how to give my messages as simple as possible.  This overwhelming world has a monopoly on the senses of people we care about.  When I have an important message to share, if I do not keep it simple and thoughtful it will just become white noise, much like background music or the bustling sounds of a busy street. I really need to learn how to be a good messenger. care about in your life. #messenger #family

If I want my message to be heard, my message must come from a clear consciousness so that I have the energy to put my whole heart into the message. I must fuel my mind, body, and soul to be the most at-ready messenger, especially for my children and my spouse.

I must also discover what my message is and how it will benefit those around me.  This starts with me. What is my message? If I had one message to tell my children, the only message I could ever relay to them, what would it be?

[bctt tweet=” What is my message? If I had one message to tell my children, the only message I could ever relay to them, what would it be?”]

How To Be A Good Messenger

What is your message? When you look in the mirror, who do you see?  Is the person in the mirror the messenger that you want to send to your children? your spouse?? your parents? the world?

Activity: Grab a small sheet of paper or notecard and write a message to your spouse, best friend or children.  Just one card.  Write to them what you would tell them if it were your only big chance to relay that most important thing you will ever be able to relay to them.

If you looked into the mirror and felt as if, you, the messenger could use some time to reflect and think of spiffing up that personal image then starts today.  Write a note card to yourself about what area you would like to shine up and each day take a peek to see if you discover a bit more sparkle.

I bet you will, you know, sparkle a bit more each day.

My message to you:   You deserve to gaze into your reflection and feel the spark of light that has always been there, you just need to add a little oil to the lamp.  Now, go share your message.

12 Items Each Day to Be Clutter FreeClutter Challenge:

  1. Clear of your computer desktop. You know those countless folders and image you have been meaning to organize on your desktop.
  2. Go through and remove all unwanted or needed Apps on your smartphone.  This is a huge timesaver in the long run.
  3. Go through and remove any children’s books that are no longer needed, damaged beyond repair or the children have simply outgrown.  These are welcome at many charities or has friendly gifts offered to friend and families with little ones. Remember our goal is to get rid of 12 items per day and organize and tidy for 20 minutes per day.

Tomorrow we will work on our personal spaces, starting with our clothes and bathrooms.

Have a wonderful day,

Pam aka Momma

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  1. I love the idea of this challenge — clutter is always a struggle for me. I am going to jump in today and follow for the rest of the 40 days. Thanks for the motivation!

    1. You are so welcome Laura and thanks for stopping by. I am astounded each time I do a clutter challenge and find more stuff. I am apparently a stuff collector.


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