Battling the Washing Machine Blues

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 9

We are working in the laundry area today and wiping down the washer and dryer to a clean momma shine.

I am not sure how it happens but the inside of a washing machine can get really nasty. It baffles me that a machine that is filled up with laundry soap and often bleach can actually get soap residue build up.

I found an article on line that just simply uses a gallon of vinegar along with running the largest capacity setting with the hottest water on your washing machine.

My washing machine is 11 years old and to my knowledge the only parts that had been cleaned where the outside and the chlorine tray on the inside. There was some pretty yucky soap residue on the inside, and to me that was the most nasty part.

My results with the vinegar rinse were pretty good. The machine definitely smelled better and the soap residue on the inside was pretty much gone after the cycle ran, excluding the parts that were not immersed in the water and vinegar mixture.  For the remaining soap residue I just dampened a scratch free sponge and scrubbed until it disappeared.

Just the Facts Momma:


Today in our Spring Clean Challenge clean the inside of the washing machine  if it is icky  and wipe down everything else to a clean momma shine. When you are finished wipe down the dryer as well.

Here is a link to the article!

How to Clean the Residue Inside a Washing Machine

Because I want to keep this blog honest: Here are my before and after pictures of the washing machine. And yes, I am shaming myself on the world wide web.

Yep, that is gross.

Notice the scum is gone!  Yippee!

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