Catching Up on the House After Spring Break


I am going to spend an hour today getting my house back together after a week and a half hanging out with my little guy and attending several church services,  I would not say my house is in shambles but I would not say it is not.  I am of course inviting you to join me on this little excursion of catch- up.

Here is the game plan: 

  1. 10 minute tidy kitchen area putting aways dishes, wiping down counters and sanitizing sinks.
  2. 5 minutes in each room of the house tidying.
  3. 5 minutes cleaning each bathroom, wiping down counters and swishing the toilet.
  4. Empty all trash cans.
  5. Vacuum or mop just the middles of the bathrooms and kitchen.


I know it may not be easy to do all this in such a little time.  But if I sit around wondering how long it is going to take me to get the house together then it will never get anywhere near done! 

Have a rocking day your awesome folks!

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  1. I emptied the refrigerator and I’m on laundry overload! It’s going to be a laundry evening when I get home. Hopefully I make a dent.

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