Before And After Photos of the Bathroom Challenge

Here are my promised before and after shots from the bathroom challenge. A little late, but I had surgery yesterday and it took a whole bunch of spunk out of my daily duties.

The before is pretty messy so the after is not Better Homes and Garden shiny, but at least nothing will attack you or fall over if you want to brush your teeth.

Before and After Bathroom Counter Challenge

What is the one positive thing I can say about this photo.  Apparently we do own a first aid kit. The rest is a big fat mess.

After photo of the tidied batrhoom counter

Here is the after photo of the bathroom counter. It is pretty obivious that my side is on the right.
A girl has to have her “things” after all.  One day this counter will be remodeled and have extra drawer space. However, for now I get lots and lots of practice of finding new ways to organize all of my stuff.  So, it is kind of a self-taught organizing class for this crazy busy mommy.

Enjoy your day rock stars!

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