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100 Club Dash – Because Clutter Cannot Win

Happy Monday Moms! I hope you have a wonderful mother’s day and are ramping up for a productive week.
It is Monday, the day we fight clutter crime  and we are earning our 100-club status so that we start this week off with less clutter and more order. Are you ready?

Clutter Its A Crime

Let’s Get To It:

Grab a trash bag and perhaps a little basket for items that are out of the correct room and designated spot. Now for 10 minutes put away clutter and throw away trash. The goal is 100 but we are all winners during the 100 club clutter dash.

Just remember Clutter is a Crime…. it robs us of time and precious moments with our family.   

Have a rocking day!

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  1. I was ahead of you this morning! I tidied up the kitchen bar full of hubby’s paperwork and hauled it to his desk in the media room. Don’t know if that was productive because he will just shove it to a shelf near his desk and it will continue to pile up until he goes through it (time frame questionable). At least it is off the kitchen bar : ).

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