Crush Goals With Time Management Steps

 Crush Goals With Time Management Steps | Mommacan.com | Learn to crush your goals with these steps.

We all do it. Look in the mirror in the morning and make wild promises of weight loss, organizing closets, building a business, learning a foreign language or doing that first 5k! Busy moms love to make goals. We love writing them down in pretty planners with funky scented markers and decorating them with fancy pants stickers from our favorite craft store. With planner in one hand and coffee in the other, we tackle our goals the next day working with an unmatched energy and crazy joy.

The next morning we jump out of bed to tackle our goals again, this time, wondering how we can finish when it is our turn to drive carpool. Then we remember three of our kids have music lessons after school from different teachers on different sides of town. This goal crushing is getting tough.

The following day, we fall back asleep after the alarm goes off, utilizing the snooze button, twice ( okay three times).  Our husband asks, Is school out today? We immediately give him the stink eye and drag our tired mom butts out of bed.  We look at that fancy pants planner opened to our goal, its cheerful stickers glaring at us. Ugh!  Then it happens, we start talking trash to our inner mommy.

You are never going to lose weight, run that race, organize that closet, build a business, or learn a new language, you can’t even get out of bed to get the kids to school!  

You are a failure!  

Can you relate to this?

Do you ever catch yourself trash talking the most important person in your life?

You are the house cleaner, organizer, booboo fixer-upper, chef, taxi driver and a thousand other things to your family. If anyone in your home is capable of achieving a goal it is you, sweet moms!  Girlfriend, you are amazing!

The problem is finding the time, just for you, to crush your personal goals.  Read these next steps to start building your time management skills so you can really start crushing goals and making your dreams a reality!

Crush Goals With Time Management Steps

Create Morning and Evening Routines

Creating a morning and evening routine is a valuable step. These routines will become habits and with practice will take less time each day to finish. Morning and evening routines accomplish mandatory tasks and can also incorporate some self-care items along the way. Both are essential to maintaining a healthy productive life! Write down your routines and for a while keep them posted in your three main living spaces. Example: Kitchen, Bathroom, Office. This will help you focus and make them habits.

Crush Goals With Time Management Steps | Wake up early to crush your goals.

Wake Up Early

Busy moms rarely get a moment of quiet. Heck, my quiet time is usually when I am writing for the blog.  Waking up just 15 minutes earlier than your family score busy moms time for meditation, prayer, reflection or just a cup of coffee without interruptions. It is a fantastic way to start the day! Waking up an hour early can give you time to really work on your goals. You can spend time writing, working out, planning healthy meals, and start learning that second language!

Crush Goals With Time Management Steps | Delegate tasks to free up time to crush goals. | mommacan.com


Sometimes busy moms have a hard time admitting that they have bitten off more than they can chew. This happens more often than they would like to admit. It does not matter if you are a working mom, stay at home mom, or anything in between, we all have moments when our cup runneth over, fills up six more cups, and then floods the kitchen.

Learning to delegate the right items on our to-do list can be a being a winning choice for everyone, especially our family.  Delegating household chores is a way for your children to learn how to be responsible adults. Asking your spouse to help with the kids when we are overwhelmed, gives them a wonderful opportunity for one on one time.  Delegating chores when you don’t feel well teaches compassion! You do the same for them when they are not well. You are worth the time it takes to rest and get better. Delegate friends, seriously, try delegating one task today.

Crush Goals With Time Management Steps | Create A Weekly Plan

Create a Weekly Plan

Creating a Weekly Plan is similar to the morning and evening routines. However, the weekly planning, allows you to prepare for meals, school, business, and family events.  The weekly plan keeps everyone up to date on the happenings of the home. It also gives you time to look at the week and mark off some hours for you to work on your goals. The weekly plan is an essential time manage step for your goal planning tool-box.

Schedule Tasks For your Goals

With your weekly plan in place and time blocked out for your goals, now you can schedule specific tasks. These are the baby steps to your big dreams.  Writing them into your schedule will make the task a priority. Of course, it is up to you to make it happen!  This is when you need your inner cheerleader to step up to the plate and say the magic words. “You got this!”.  Now say it! “You got this!” Yah!

Crush Goals With Time Management Steps | Use a Timer For Tasks to Reach Goals

Set A Timer

Our last little tidbit tip to help you manage your time to reach your goals is nothing fancy, but it sure does help.  Setting a timer! Using a timer for tasks is an amazing motivational tool. THere is something about beating the timer that brings out the competitive side to so many people.  This is especially helpful when you are in a frumpy mood, under the weather, have crazy deadlines, and just needed a mini-motivational boost.

Timers are also very helpful for the kings and queens of timesucks, SOCIAL MEDIA.  There is something about dipping our toe into the social media maze that sucks us into the parallel universe of nothingness.  Yes, it is fun to see who’s baby has finally learned to walk, how many kittens can hide in a hamper, and what every single person we know had for breakfast that morning.  I mean seriously!  Social media has the time-zapping ability to kill your goals. If you must go down that rabbit hole, set your timer for 15 minutes and then when the buzzard goes off turn off social media. You will be amazed at what can be accomplished in a day when we eliminate media distractions.

Oh Lordy, and don’t even think about binge-watching on Net Flix.   Work on you first! You are worth every single minute!  Your goals are worth your time!

Crush Your Goals With These Time Management Steps, Start Today!

I hope this simple list gives you a boost on crushing your goals! Time management is not something you can learn overnight it has to be practiced daily, tweaked to suit our lives, and then practiced some more.

Now go out their mamas! Go crush some goals.

Learn how to Crush goals, build your dreams, and win with these awesome time manegement steps. #goals #busymom

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