Dealing With Email When You Are A Super Busy Mom

Planning Day
Planning Day

This has been a super busy month for this momma. I just finished up a pretty large project and am now trying to catch up on everything especially email.  Normally, I try to keep the email down to a small roar.  Meaning, I really only have a couple of emails in my inbox at any given time.  But, life got in the way this month and now I have to play catch-up.

I have over 15 different email addresses that I monitor, and a few are not housed readily on my Big Mac.  I plan to remedy this today.  I think I can shave off about 10 minutes of my workday or more just by adding this convenience.

Now, before I found and started implementing GTD to deal with my email and every other aspect of my life this task would have taken the better part of the afternoon.

But, dealing with all of these emails is really only going to take about 10 or 15 minutes.

My current rules for email are:

  1. When someone asks me to sign up for his or her mailing list, I generally say no.
  2. When someone adds me without my permission I removed myself from the list immediately and pat myself on the back.  The reason why is my time is more valuable then sitting around deleting countless emails that mean little or nothing to me.  I especially get my feathers in a ruffle when I am added to an email list because someone purchased an online gift for me. (Thanks for the gift, but please companies, it was a gift not a lifetime commitment to see your logo and your flowers and doodads for the rest of my Internet life.)
  3. If I read the email and it does not require any more time or commitment from me I delete it right on the spot. This can include, chain letters (I hate those things.) jokes, pictures of random things, articles and recipes containing beef or pork, which I do not eat.
  4. If the email does require my time it usually is either added to my calendar, my projects or to-do list or a list I keep in my planner for things I need to discuss with specific people. (For example: play dates, meetings, birthday invitations, church events, and family commitments)
  5. If it only takes about 60 seconds to respond then I go ahead and respond.
  6. I always have a detailed subject line in every single email I send.

I know that there is probably a mega-better way to deal with all of this and when I get an hour to burn free of family, work and other commitments I am sure I can search through the web and find it.

Simple Daily Challenge: Clear out your email inbox and if you can consolidate you emails into one place either on-line or on your computer.

Question:  How do you deal with email? 




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