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10 Fun Simple Budget Friendly Ways To Enjoy Summer With Your Family

10 Fun Simple Budget Friendly Ways To Enjoy Summer With Your Family

School is out and it is time for some super family fun. Listed below our easy, budget friendly was to enjoy quality time with your family this summer. 10 simple ways that will peak the interest of your young children and even the teens and tweens to come and hang out with the family and have a bit of fun.

  1. Schedule: Take a fat Sharpie marker and right in a couple day each week for a Family Night. Try to come up with a catchy slogan, like Smith Family Hang Out  or Brown Family Fun Day. Just make sure you keep a pack with the family that this is a day that you spend quality time together.  *Remember once your right in Sharpie it cannot be erased. If you don’t show your children that your time together is just as important as other commitments then they will not be available to you for quality time in their teens.
  2. Create Your Own Annual Summer Holiday: Many times it families are committed to visiting distant relatives on major holidays throughout the year or are so busy that they can sit down and really enjoy the holiday with their children.  Creating your very own annual summer holiday can be a fun way to make your home sparkle with decorations created by your children and everyone can help choose the ‘special’ holiday meal.  What to celebrate? The sky is the limit!  Celebrate your favorite family movie or honor your favorite author or favorite dessert.  It can also just be called something simple as an Annual Beach/Lake Picnic or National Park Day.
  3. Make Something Beautiful – Grab a box of chalk art and decorate the driveway with the kids. Too keep your budding artist from being overwhelmed draw a large square and have them chalk-paint that area first. Then add another square next to or below that square to great a quilt pattern. Eventually your will have a chalk patchwork quilt!  Make sure to take a photo!
  4. Library Safari: Let’s visit the local library with a purpose. Write down several books for your children to hunt down on a Book Safari. Have them write down the Dewey Decimal Number on a pad and then encourage them to check out at least one book that they have discovered.  The library may already have a list of suggest reading for their age group for the hunt!
  5. Picnic: I love a family picnic. I am trying super hard not to burn my son out, we have been on three so far this summer and have had a really nice time. Picnics to not have to be Pinterest fancy!  Just bag up lunch and take it outdoors, to a local park or just on a quilt in the living room.
  6. Family Walk – Take a family walk in the local park, bring water, a snack and sunblock. There is not a better way in the world to open the floodgate of discussion like a family walk.
  7. Family Bowling: Step away from the WII and try real bowling! There is nothing in this world more comical  and fun then watching your little ones bowl for the first time. Call first to see when the best deals are and when it tends to not be crowded.
  8. Zoo Day – Take a visit to the local zoo, especially if you have already purchased an annual membership card. These memberships usually offer discounts on food purchases as well as other attractions that may be in the park.
  9. Family Game NightBreak out the board games and have a vote for the summer. Each person gets to choose their favorite game to play one week this summer for a family game night. Draw straws to see who’s game is played first, second, third and so forth.  Write it down in Sharpie on the calendar and just like magic you have several nights planned for the summer.  Make it easy on yourself and order pizza and salad or bake a frozen pizza and serve celery and carrot sicks.  After all moms and dads need breaks just like out little ones!
  10. PJ’s, Popcorn, and PuzzlesChoose a really large puzzle and set up a table someplace for the summer. Once in a while, have everyone meet for an hour or so of family time to work on the puzzle in their PJ’s. Enjoy popcorn or some other simple low-cal natural snack and drinks serve on a side table to prevent spills!

We are truly going to have a simply awesome summer!

let's have a simply awesome summer

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