Wipeout Wednesday – 5 Minute Room Bonanza

Wipeout Wednesday

It is Wipeout Wednesday and today we are tackling each room in the house for a 5 minute room tidy BONANZA!

What you will need:

  • A timer or some groovy music.
  • Trash bags and a clutter box.
  • Shoes on,  just in case there may be Lego traps in the carpet.
  • A dust rag, paper towels/rags and all-purpose cleaner.

Your Wipeout Mission:

To glean each room either for 5 FULL uninterrupted minutes each or 2 super groovy songs each.

If you have little ones adjust your timer and music as needed or have them travel around the rooms with you dusting with a feather duster or other SAFE tool, like a dust rag. They can be the official door knob duster or some other safe past-time to do while you clean.

Are your ready for some mind-boggling, groovy room BONANZAS!

Clean, dust, tidy, put stray items in your clutter box and discard trash in each room of the house for the allotted time you have chosen.
* Just dust with the rug on our Bonanza Day room cleaning…. you can get super fancy with the furntiure polish on another day.


Let’s Get Rockin’

You can totally do this!

This is a a throw-back theme song from a family show called Bonanza! A perfect song to kick-off our cleaning and tidy mission!

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