Free House Cleaning Lessons Or Something Like That

Sometimes I sit around and try to think up happy ways to deal with the common, repetitive act of cleaning house, especially the kitchen.   The perfect fix, would be to  trick someone else into doing the tasks while I drink iced tea and play some imaginary crop growing game or may a vegetable slashing zombie game.

Today I thought this would be funny.


Of course, I am pretty sure my little guy will not go for it, he is much too smart to have a Tom Sawyer and the Fence trick pulled on him.

Though I could bribe him with popsicles and Lego Ninjago sets…. but then he would expect those all the time.  Besides this material-bribe reasoning he is  still not yet tall enough to reach to top of the kitchen cabinets or deep inside the washing machine to retrieve wet clothes.

So I guess I will just stick to his usual make bed, take out trash, and pick up play areas and bedroom.  Bummer

Question: What chores do your children help with around the house?

Now on to another fun filled kitchen challenge….

Wipeout …… Grab your favorite all-purpose cleanser, wood cleaners, stainless steel cleaner, glass cleaner, and a few dusting rags and cleaning rags. Wipe surfaces including countertops, sinks, the outside of major appliances and cabinet doors.

You might want to grab your sunglasses moms!  The kitchen is going to shine, shine, shine!

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  1. My boys are really good about helping out. They are 10 and 6. They unload the dishwasher, take the trash can to the street, pick up the back yard and the dog poop. When I put it down on a list they fight me tooth and nail. When I ask them for help, they are more willing. If that makes sence! LOL

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