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100 Fall Festival Raffle Basket Ideas – Auction Basket List

100 Fall Festival Raffle Basket Ideas – Auction Basket List the best list for fall raffle ideas you can find for your next auction or school fundraiser!

100 Fall Festival Raffle Basket Ideas -| Auction Basket List | Discover lots of ideas for gift baskets and fundraisers.

100 Fall Festival Raffle Basket Ideas – Auction Basket Ideas For Everyone!

Room parents everywhere are scrambling for new ideas or any ideas for Fall/School Raffle Baskets. Here is a collection of 100 Fall Festival Raffle Basket Ideas for your overwhelmed eyes!  Our Fall gift basket ideas are perfect for raffles and auctions and perfect for creating gift baskets for family and friends as well!

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Fall Raffle Baskets

Pictured above is one I created out of a beach towel. This can be used for Mother’s Day or birthdays as well.  Click here to learn how to make the towel basket.

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Fall Raffle Basket Ideas – Fall Raffle Ideas

This is our original 100! with thousands of pins on Pinterest!

1. Legos – This is my son’s favorite set. See it Here
2. Spa/Bath Products
4. Movie Night – One or Two Family Friendly movies and 4 movie passes, popcorn and a pack of real fruit sodas. Or check out our Movie Night In Gift Basket!
5. Star Wars Theme Basket
6. Family Night Out for 4 (Family friendly dinner gift certificate, movie passes)
7. Local Sports Tickets
8. Camping supplies
9. Candy/Chocolates
10. Itunes Gift Card Tree
11. Scented Candles
12. Paleo Gift Basket -Books, Cookbooks and Free Range Beef or Turkey Jerky
13. Kitchen and Bar gadgets
14. Baking gadgets
15. Italian Dinner
16. Mexican Dinner
17. Gourmet Cheese with crackers, olives, and jams
18. BBQ
19. Certificate for photo shoot and frames
20. Art supplies
21. Teas or Coffees with amazing chocolate!
22. Costume Box filled with all kinds of costumes
23. Books (Themed for Age or Subject)
24. Tools
25. Warner Brothers (Bugs Bunny etc…)
26. Disney
27. Crochet or Knitting ( with beginner lessons)
28. Scrapbooking or other paper crafts
29. Sewing
30. Journaling
31. Professional Racing (Nascar)
32. Tennis
33. Football Team
34. Baseball Team
35. Golf
36. Museum passes for 4
37. Tie- Dye Kits for 4
38. Paint a Plate for 4
39. Games
40. Teddy Bears
41. Baseball Cards
42. Framed Painting from a local artist. (This was crazy popular at the last event I help cooridnate!)
43. Gardening
44. Greeting cards/ note cards
45. Gift certificate to an art class or Paint Party
46. Exercise
47. Hair Accessories
48. Miniature Golf or tokens for the Local Driving Range with a set of matching Golf Caps and gloves
49. Bath Towels
50. Safety Products

Fall Festival Raffle Basket/Gift Bakset Ideas
We are halfway to the end!

51. Dolls, Barbie, American Girl etc.
52. Quilt with a set of Little House on the Prairie books
53. Models (Airplane/Cars/Trains)
54. Polaroid Camera with film, albums, and frames
55. Pampered Chef
56. Arbonne Gift Basket
57. Homemade Gourmet
58. Tupperware
59. Dan Gutman Weird School Books and reading light
60. School Spirit https://sleepapneasurgerynyc.com/blog/viagra-online
61. Teacher/Office Supplies
62. Car Detailing with Gas Gift Cards or Starbucks Gift Cards…
63. Boys Toys Variety https://sleepapneasurgerynyc.com/blog/buy-flagyl-over-the-counter
64. Girls Toys Variety
65. Anything with Fairies https://activehealthnwellness.com/online-pharmacy/
66. Spicy Basket- Collection of gourmet hot salsa, sauces and even jams.
67. Hot Wheels
68. Educational
69. Picnic
70. Summer/Beach (Fall, Winter, or Spring)
71. Seasonings & Spices
72. Thanksgiving Decor
73. Halloween Decor
74. Earth Friendly Cleaning Supplies
75. Wrapping supplies (wrapping paper, bows, tape wrapping paper container)
76. Christmas Ornaments
77. Tickets to Local Theatre
78. Bread Machine with lots of prepared mixes
79. Patriotic – Fourth of July
80. Angels
81. Large Box of Organic Vegetables and Fruits (this has to be done the day of the festival)
82. Gluten Free
83. Sugar-Free
84. Earthquake Kit – Either rations or items to have on hand in case of an emergency.
85. First Aid
86. Vintage Homemaker- Apron, Cookbooks and How to Books on running a household and planning parties.
87. Local Honey and Fresh Bread and Fruit
88. Automotive – Prepaid gas cards, oil, auto emergency kit
89. Healthy Snacks
90. Money Tree
91. Child’s Bath Time Fun – Soaps, Toys and More.
92. Sundae Party in a Basket- lots of topping for yummy ice-cream and gift certificate for some yummy frozen fun at the local creamery.
93. Travel (travel games, word search, travel toiletries)
94. Cookbooks
95. Different Flavored Popcorns
96. Play-doh
97. Tea Party Set
98. Gift Card Tree
99. Goofy Socks
100. Goofy Hats

100 Fall Festival Raffle Basket Ideas – Auction Basket List

Did you find anything? Did you find a great theme for this year’s raffle basket? Do you have an idea to add to our list?

We would love to hear about your ideas for Fall Festival Raffle Basket Ideas and Auction Basket Ideas!

Getting Ready for Your Auction

When organizing your raffle basket ideas, remember to create eye-catching displays with attractive packaging and tissue paper to make each basket visually appealing. Promote your raffle baskets through social media and local advertising to maximize ticket sales. These baskets not only make for great prizes but also showcase the generosity of local businesses and the creativity of your fundraising team. With these incredible raffle basket ideas, your fundraising event is sure to be a success!


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Fall Festivals are just around the corner. Grab these 100 Fall Raffle Basket Ideas

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