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Halloween Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket

Give a  Halloween Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket to someone you appreciate this year! This gives your pumpkin carving loving friends the opportunity to carve to their heart’s content!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Gift BasketHalloween Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket

Need a great gift idea for the pumpkin carving enthusiast? How about your family’s traditional pumpkin carving event! This amazing Halloween Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket is a perfect idea.

We love Halloween everything at Momma’s house.  Decorating the house, dressing up in costumes, and carving pumpkins are at the top of our list!  I designed this amazing Halloween Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket to give to the kids to make our annual pumpkin carving night extra special.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket

Creating this basket was simple. A few items from Target!

Here is the Idea List for the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Basket


alloween Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket | Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket Tag

Gift Tag Instructions – Print on white cardstock, cut along lines. Optional, take to cards from pattern page and glue together for an even more creative gift tag.
Hole punch at the top, or whatever suits your basket design best. Then add ribbon and tie gift tag to the basket. You can also just take the card creatively into the basket, which looks wonderful as well!  Don’t miss the free gift tags!

Remember, less is more. The fun thing about Halloween is spending time with family and friends. The Halloween Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket or other Halloween ideas are just a fun way to enjoy the season! I hope you have enjoyed Halloween Pumpkin Carving Gift Basket Ideas and will check out our other Halloween posts here. Momma Can’s Halloween Posts!

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