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Cleaning Toilets While Being All Nostalgic and Stuff

Cleaning Your Toilet With Humor

I know cleaning a toilet is not fun.  There is icky brown dried things under that porcelain hood.  There are trails of what I like to think of as trails of gold.  When I clean a toilet I take myself to another plane of existence.  I transport myself to the early 1900’s and pretend I am a dutiful housewife by day and a moonshine runner by night.  Prohibition would not have been my thing.  I would have been of the club Mom’s Who Need Shine.

But I digress and we must deal with our simple challenge.

 Clean the toilets, clean them with a smile. 🙂

Vintage Photo, Toliet

Do you remember wiping the bottom of your little ones? It wasn’t so bad, was it?  This is pretty much the same only without the cute giggles, the smiles, and  the tiny baby feet. ( My oldest wears a size 14 shoe so tiny has really never been in our vocabulary.)  When they get older they get taller this makes the ratio of the golden trails much larger.

I am not going to waste my time and tell you how to clean a toilet.  You’ve got Google and skills.  But I will tell you not to buy cheap rubber gloves when you
do this most uncomfortable but needed task. One tear with your fingernails and you got ick on your pinky.  Oh, Yuck!  Maybe try some fancier gloves with polka dots and ruffles.

So come on moms, put on your feather hats, and party gloves ( rubber ones please ) and let’s get all nostalgic and clean a toilet or two.


{photo credit Beverly & Pack}

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  1. I do not miss wiping my son’s bottoms! I guess we could still be dealing with outhouses.

  2. New follower from bloggymoms.

    I’m STIL:L wiping bottoms. And cleaning the occasional toilet…


  3. I sadly have no more tiny butts to wipe at home. But there have been certain instances that caused intense poopy flash backs. One involved Limburg Cheese.

  4. Hi.. Nice post. I hate cleaning toilets.. I remember just did it thrice…(giggles) but I like the theme of your site. So neat…Followed you through google friend connect and networkblog. Cheers!

  5. Cleaning potties is a needed from time to time Chelsey, but if you ask my older son. Laundry can simply be tossed around with a dozen dryer sheets and be just fresh enough to pass for clean. gross I know.

  6. I always put on the good rubber gloves, a fancy apron and when I am done have glass of wine… Love the imagery about the golden trails…. cheers.

  7. As a mother of 4 boys and 7 grandsons…..I seem to spend time in the bathroom every day.
    And Funny…just did the cleaning an hour ago…but only had one to do because they are now renovating the upstairs bathroom. For some reason, boys dont want to pick up the toiler seat…and how did the floor get wet? Thank goodness for bleach…..but someone has to clean the bathroom….. 🙂

  8. Gosh, somehow cleaning the toilet is just on a whole new level of gross from changing diapers. It’s my least favorite chore! I don’t mind diapers for some reason though.

  9. I needed a chuckle and that was great. I also love fancy rubber gloves. But my toilets don’t ever get yucky…guess I am lucky! Thanks for joining in the TADA! Thursdays this week.

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