Happy Birthday Elvis!

Today the King of Rock and Roll would have been celebrating his 77th birthday if he had not left this world, and yet he is my youngest son’s biggest musical hero.  We are celebrating big here today. Making a pasta recipe I learned from one of his old biker buddies and Cake Pops because little guy is dead set on having some today. Of course, Elvis would have never had a Cake Pop but to keep the spirit of what he loved we are have peanut butter and banana sandwiches for breakfast this morning.

Little Guy actually has the barber style his hair like the King of Rock n Roll.  Those sideburns are cut in, he is much too young for sideburns.
He gets up early every morning to perfect his pompadour and now owns 2 black leather jackets and one Elvis jumpsuit that he wore for Halloween for like 2 seconds before he went back to his old faithful Optimus Prime.

The only radio station we listen to is the Sirius station that is hosted from Graceland. He knows most of the more lively songs by heart and blushes during the love songs while holding his hands over his ears.

Happy Birthday Elvis! You are not forgotten in Momma’s house.



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