Heart and Home – Sweet Dreams

Momma- Olympics Heart and Home Edition – Sleep
Day Three

There is not one thing in this life that will give use a more productive day than a good night’s sleep. You can have the fanciest day planner, the best new Apple computer, two secretaries and a butler, but if you did not get a good night’s sleep you are still a cranky, tired momma.

Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.

Thomas Dekker

Today as we scurry through the hustle and bustle, keep this little goal in mind. Arrange your day so that it ends in peace and get to bed early enough to get a full seven hours. If you have the kind of job where this is impossible make time to squeeze in a nap for 10 minutes  or more to catch-up.

My Memories of Sleepless Nights

10 minutes naps saved my sanity during my second pregnancy and newborn baby days. I had one teenager and a newborn, my days were filled only with how can I get my teenager home alive every night at a decent hour and do some kind of homework  and feed, clothe and  keep my newborn clean. I was in total survival mode and it was the most difficult three months of my life.  That first night I did not have to nurse every two hours was like manna from heaven.

Simple Daily Challenge -100 points in our Momma Olympics Heart and Home Edition

  •  Create a daily schedule that includes adequate sleep not only for you but for the whole family. -100 points
  • Yesterday, we cleaned up the bedroom. Today rearrange the photos, add a fresh colorful pillow or throw to the mix or a green plant that is simple to take care or perhaps even a silk flower.  In other words jazz up your place of sleep! -100 points.
  • Take 15 minutes today and read with your children. It is one of the best give you can give them and is really quite relaxing for everyone involved. 


Click below for full games rules and the Daily Points System!

Momma Olympics- Heart and Home Addition

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