Do You Believe in Magic? 5 Minute Morning Power Walk And Some Groovy Tunes


I sometimes really do believe in magic.  However, sometimes magic can be just having a super perfect start to the day!

A year ago I posted several articles on how to have a Magical Morning.  These posts were written to help us start off with a good day. It has been a while and with the school year being half over I thought it was a great time for a refresher course.

So for all the Saturdays in February we are gong to revisit those posts and try to incorporate even more happy vibes into our Magical Mornings.


Let’s Get Started:


The 5- Minute Power Walk, So Easy Yet So Effective


The Five Minute Power Walk is an excellent way to start your morning!

I believe that positive change can make magic in our lives?  What positive change has given you more productive and magical days?

Simple Daily Challenge: If you are able take a 5-minute power walk, if you cannot due to health reasons then take 5 minutes for meditation or just listen to the music in the video and let it take you on a happy good morning journey.

You Rock!

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