Holiday Clean-Up Challenge 3 Simple Tasks

Holiday Clean-Up Challenge 3 Simple Tasks

Today we have three simple tasks. This free up the day a bit of Holiday shopping, wrapping gifts and perhaps signing a few Christmas cards or other TO DO’s you may have on your list. After all, we are busy moms and simple is best during this busy season.

Magic 100 Clutter Pick-Up

I say this is magic, but  I do not have a Genie in a Bottle to make it happen. Its all Bum and Elbows in other words good old fashioned mommy-skills.  Just grab your trash bag and a basket or box. Throw away any stray trash and put items that need to go in a another room in the box.  Then zip around putting away your 100 items.


Get the cleaner of your choice and clean the microwave. The sticky icky spills can really make for a interesting cleaning experience. But to keep the nosy neighbors and snoopy relatives from having an excuse to wag their tongues this must be done.  Follow the directions that came with your microwave.  I personally use a damp towel, heated in the microwave for a minute. Then with its warmth wearing gloves I use it to scrub away the stuck on debris. Then I spritz a bit of vinegar and wipe everything down. Rinse out my towels and then wipe again.

Empty All the Trashcans and the Dishwasher

This is general maintenance but really helps to keep clutter down especially in the kitchen area.

And that is it my Holiday Challenge friends!


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