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Home Boosters For Busy Moms- The Color Yellow- Inspire, Create Dream.

The Color Yellow

Today our focus coor is yellow! Yellow is a double edged sword of a color.  It can brighten your mood by leaps and bouns when done correctly, or it will swamp your senes with bad vibes if the color you choose is to heavy and over done.
The room about is a lemony yellow and it is beautiful. I think if I woke up every morning in this room I would finally be able to run my first 10k and crochet a sweater, two things that have alluding me all these years. Yes, it is that kind of a yellow, a power yellow.

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.
Pablo Picasso

I love a yellow kitchen.  Its the perect backdrop for warm chocolate chip cookies after a long day at school and a crisp chardonnay with friends.


Super cute yellow desk and chair with a wonderful window. I would love to journal in that window and would break out my fancy doodle pens for some Zentangle time.
Totally gorgeous yellowc and white carpet with soothing walls and art framed in nifty yellow frames. This room for a busy mom look like a soothing sanctuary with just enough blue to be totally perfect.
These color days have been pretty wonderful these past few days. I hope you have enjoyed the journey!  And now to the challenge.
Our next set of Homeboosters will be silly photos, nature photos, or around the town photos.  I am looking forward to breaking out the camera and enjoying the entire journey!


Simple Daily Challenge: 
Do one complete load of laundry, wash, fold and put away and have the children help you the whole way if old enough.  Give them the privelege of loading, folding and putting away their very own laundry.  It would also be a nice time to discard torn and worn clothing and donate clothes that do not fit before school starts.
Have a rocking  day!
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