Four Simple Days To Make Your House Shine And Your Mother’s Day Weekend Rock

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For the next four days we are going to zip around the house tidying and cleaning our way to a guilt free, happy to be, Mother’s Day weekend.  Some folks believe that Mother’s Day is some kind of evil plot to get innocent fathers, friends and children to spend their hard earned cash on cards, flowers and chocolate.  I say everyone needs a day to recognize their courage, strength, skills and beauty.  Ours just happens to be called Mother’s Day.

To make this weekend a special weekend with a glowing tidy house (well as tidy as it can get with children running around) we are going to be super focussed on clutter and cleaning three main rooms.  The kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom. We are going to encourage the little ones to do the same! So buckle on your seat belt folks, it not was task to get all of this done in four days with as little time as possible. But I am to do so, then I could put away my rubber gloves for the week and enjoy myself.  I might even get my toenails painted electric lime green or some other wild and crazy color.
And don’t you think I have forgotten. The first step to a glowing house is clutter and this is our step.

Clutter Its A CrimeIt is Monday! And we are fighting crime, clutter crime. Get you garbage bag ready and a basket or box and get ready to fight clutter.

Why? Because we busy moms deserve to have a tidy home and we deserve to walk to the coffee pot in the morning without stepping on Legos or tripping on gym shoes.

Simple Daily Challenge: Set your timer for 5 to 10 minutes and put away as much clutter as you can. Our goal is 100 and we can totally do this in record time with a song in our heart and a summer jig in out step. Remember Legos and Barbie clothes totally count and so do freshly washed baby bottles and t-shirts. We are counting it all

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  1. I’m sending this to my husband. The one thing I do NOT want to do is CLEAN for Mother’s day. If the house is a mess I won’t be able to help myself, I’ll be grabbing the basket and picking up.

    1. lol, I feel the same way but our schedules have been so crazy and to be honest my hubby does help out with laundry big time.

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