I’ll Drink to That!

Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge  I’ll Drink to That!

Big Fat Sigh….. How many of you have a coffee mug collection? How many of you have an extensive coffee mug collection sitting next to an assortment of random glassware and those free plastic cups you get with dinner at the local restaurant?

I am as guilty as it gets and it makes putting away dishes for myself and my husband maybe not so fun.

Today we are peeking into our glassware and plastic cup collection and clutter busting that mess to the best of our ability.

Just how many glasses do we need to have on hand on a daily basis?

This is a personal choice and is based on need.

I have a friend who is a minimalist and each person in the family has one glass placed on a coaster tagged with their name and they use these glasses all day.

I personally have enough glassware for around 16 place settings and another set for 24 place setting for the holidays. This makes for an organizing nightmare. And much to my husband’s surprise I showed up last night with a new set of coffee mug glassware to add to the mix. It caused a small bit of discussion and I have had to do a big of shifting and donating last night even before I could start my mini-challenge today.

Before you begin ask yourself:

How many do I need every day?

How many do I need when I entertain and how often do I need these very handy?

How many do I need for entertaining during a larger event like a cocktail party or Christmas?

Where can I put the items that I do not use on a very regular basis?

How can I simplify this so it is not a big headache for the person assigned to tidy the kitchen through the week even if that person is myself?

Let’s Get Started:

Grab a donation box, a trash can, and your notebook.

Go through your glassware and stemware and throw away the broken or chipped glasses.

Decide what you can donate and put it in the box and take it to you car.

Write down in your notebook what you need to add or what you may want to replace one day.

Right off the bat I know I would like to replace the wine glasses that I have but I dare not tell my husband.  I am putting it on my Someday/Maybe list with a big fat Highlighter across. Why?  I think it would simplify my setup if I had one multi-purpose wine glass instead of several kinds, white wine, red wine, sweet wine etc.

What are your must haves in glassware and stemware?
How many coffee mugs do you own and how do you become emotionally attached to them?


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