Its a Clutter Rev-Solution Countdown

Nosy Neighbors and Snoopy Relatives Take One


We are counting down the remaining days of January and ridding our homes of as much clutter and chaos as possible.


Today I am hanging out in the bathroom and master bedroom.  I am tossing junk, turning drawers upside down and looking for hidden donation treasures.  If I don’t love, someone else may need it.  What if they slightly loose (or tight) black sweater set is just the thing that young mother needs to buy from the local thrift store to land here that bookkeeping job that she needs so desperately?


There are so many items I could let go of, with a little bit of the momma attitude that I use with my husband and children.

Are you the same way?  Are you more firm about clutter and chaos with your family than you are with your own big fat mess?


Let’s get to it my fellow awesome home-making women warriors! Let’s fight clutter crime and win this time!

Simple Daily Challenge: Get rid of as much clutter as you can in the master bedroom and the bathroom.

p.s. Yesterday I filled two large kitchen sized bags. One for trash and one for donations!  I felt like an Olympic Gold Medal WInner. lol

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