Yes I Would Do It All Over Again

December 31, 2011 and Life

The end of a year and the booster to a new year.


As I reflect on this past year I have a bunch to be thankful for and a few that I would just like to forget. I am sure we all have good and bad memories lined up like little tin soldiers crossing through our mind today. And, you know even the parts that were bad, worts and all, I would do this year all over again because many of it was super, super good.

So here is a bit of momma advice.


Take the good and put it in your memory to look fondly upon from time to time in the years to come.

Take the bad and bury it mentally or take it like we did in Arkansas many years ago and burn it with the trash bin because that is all it deserves of our time anymore. We have already learned from our mistakes and we cannot change the past.

However, we can start to mold our future. Even with the economy moving so oddly like a bad seventies dance, back and forth with what seems like not a logical or fluid movement in sight we can still take tiny, tiny steps forward.


December 31, 2011 and Momma Can

I have had a really nice time creating and participating in the Simple Daily Challenges. My home has never looked better. And the Holidays Challenges, Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenges and 7 Days of Christmas Crazy really were a big help to me and hopefully to many readers.  But that is the past and I will keep what was best and toss what was not, just like any other part of my life.


2012 and a few wishes:

I hope to add a few things to Momma Can in the new Year. It is just a matter of finding the right time and the best method.

Because in my past life I was a cook and a music teacher I thought it would be nice to add a few posts about giving music to your children despite the cutbacks in so many music programs in the public school systems. Of course, the posts will be super budget friendly and family friendly as always.

The next is a recipe section, because Moms need to have an excellent arsenal of basic easy meals to prepare that are kid friendly and a few that will pizazz their nosy neighbors and snoopy relatives. These recipes will either be from a cookbook I happen to like or something from my personal collection that I have altered to reflect my some-what clean eating lifestyle.

2012 Simple Daily Challenges: 

The challenges will be moving from one are of the house to another with a focus on the bathrooms and kitchens more often because these rooms tend to need more love.

GTD for Moms

We are also going to explore more of  David Allen’s Getting Things Done because he is my hero and I would not be able to do all that I do without using his book as a reference, it just simply works.  For example: Everything listed about is basically a project and each project is a series of Actions to complete until I reach the project goal and it is finished.

Seasonal Challenges:

Just like the Back to School Series, Holiday Challenges, and the Seven Days of Christmas Crazy we will have seasonal challenges to reflect what needs to be done at that time of the year.


There are a few more things I am tossing around in my Momma- head but life needs a few surprises. Right?


Anyway, to all of you,

Please have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve and the Best New Year’s Day!

I can’t wait for the new year!


Pam aka Momma

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  1. I love what you did with your past. Sometimes we need some sort of ritual to condition our minds to burry the past and move on from it. I think I might just make a list of what I hated about last year and feed it to the flames.

    1. Splendid idea Anne, just be careful.
      No need to start the new year with the fire department hanging out at your house.
      Happy New Year!


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