3 Days To A Clean Car For Busy Moms – Its Day Three!


I am so happy there is no nappy grass and gritty sand on the floor of my Mom Taxi any longer!  Woo Hoo!

Next up the fingerprint zones and a quick wash on the outside.  That is right moms, today we are washing cars.  You may be an at home washer, a drive-thru washer, or pay someone to wash it for you if you get lucky kind of mom.  ( sometimes, churches and different area youth are fundraising washing cars, try to find of them.)

Simple Daily Challenge: Take 5 simple minutes, using your favorite glass cleaner and wipe down the windows on the inside of the Mom Taxi.  Next, wash or get the car washed!


3 Days to a Clean Car!  Let’s see if we can keep it clean for a week!


Question:  Do you use a drive-thru car wash or are you a do- it – yourself kind of momma?

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