Mom – Olympic Challenges for Today – Closets and Cars

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We are celebrating our own little Mom- Olympics in honor of this year’s Olympic Winter Games. I personally love the ice skating. I have learned to hold my breath through nearly an entire routine in fear of the poor participant falling on their bum.

If you did not see the initial Game Challenge you can find it here.

Momma Olympics – Homemaking Game for Busy Moms

We are tallying up points each day for household chores and general home paper pushing, like meal planning and paying the bills. Our points are our daily little mommy medals.  I am aiming for at least 250 points each morning. This will be a snap because each Olympic Challenge listed below is worth 100 points!

Today we are hanging out in Cars and Closets. Okay, maybe we are not actually hanging out in our closets, but we are going to de-clutter and tidy up a bit.


Although I love the colors in this closet, it is not realistic. Who in the world has this few clothes and that laundry hamper is just not practical, but our motivation is less is more if it saves us a bit of time in the morning. So our first 100 point challenge is this.


1. Toss and Tidy- Take 10 minutes today and zip through your closet. Toss donated items into one bag and trash into another. At the 5 minute mark move on to tidying your closet. This is pretty simple, just make it look nicer than it did before. Put away stray items, place all the empty hangers near each other and maybe dust a shelf or two.
This is not a full day commitment, just 10 simple minutes. 100 points.
2. Toss and Tidy – The hall closet.  If you have a few more minutes go to the hall closet and do the same as you did for your closet. Take 5 minutes for getting rid of items you no longer need by throwing broken, unrepairable items away and donating others. Then spend 5 more minutes tidying and putting away stray items. 100 points
3. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy– Take 5 simple minutes today and empty out the car of clutter, bag up trash and wipe down the seats with a cleaner that is safe for the material, whatever is recommended by the manufacturer.  Do what you can in five minutes!  100 points. 100 points

Have a rocking Friday!


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