Three Days To A Clean Car for Busy Moms


Every month or so I clean out my car and with that cleaning I swear up and down that I am going to keep the trash out and the toys in the house.

But about the third day after the big clean-up, low and behold, it is trashed again.

I cannot understand it, why is it so hard to keep the debris out of my Mom Taxi? Is there some kind of trick I was not taught as a child?  Is there a secret code that I do not have access to use until I pass some kind of test?  Is there a on-line support group?

I posted on this many moons ago about my wishes for my mom van.  Well I now drive what I feel is a cool mom car, a Ford Edge.  And when I wrote that check for the down payment I felt a little sick letting go of my hard earned money.  On that day I swore that car would stay clean.  It lasted about a week and then I realized life is messy.

So to keep this Simple Daily Challenge- simple.  We are going to rack up a few awesome mom points by cleaning our cars out in thee simple stages.  After all, we are busy moms and we deserve a clean car at least once a month.


Today is trash day.


Simple Daily Challenge: Grab a trash bag and clear out all the trash in the car.  If you don’t have a car then use this time to clean out your purse and bus travel bag.

* We are revisiting and updating the clean car posts for the next three days! Why? Because you totally deservie a sparkly clean car!

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