If These Walls Could Talk


Holiday Shine Challenge 2016 Last Day!

  • If These Walls Could Talk
  • They would tell you what my son had for lunch three weeks ago.
  • They would know which shoe went with what footprint on the wall behind the couch.
  • They would know which handprint goes with what hand and what that person was doing when that hand left their mark.
  • Walls know stuff; it is because they are generally around all the time and tend to grab hold of anything that walks by.
  • Walls get dirty; they get handprints, footprints, paw prints, food splatters and an occasional squashed spider or gnarly looking bug.

Who loves to tattle on a hard-working, busy mom who has dirty walls?

Yep, you guessed it, nosy neighbors and snoopy relatives.

Today we are cleaning walls in the kitchen, living room and main hallways, the places where guest hang out the most.  We already did a wall check in the guest bathroom at the start of the challenges, but if you are just joining us you may want to get those walls spot cleaned as well.

I love to use those super cool Magic Eraser for wall spots, but if the whole wall is grimy, you may want to try washing the entire wall. This could take a few minutes.  So remember, we are only doing what we can and if Penelope Perfect sticks her nose in your business today, tell her to get her nails done and leave you alone.

Holiday Shine Challenge: Spot wash or clean the walls that guests can readily see in the halls, living room, and kitchen.

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  1. It sounds like you guys had a wild good time but you have it all under control. And you will make it sparkle and shine:)

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