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Momma’s Weekly Plan

weekly plan for moms

Each Monday bright and early I  post my personal weekly goals. These weekly goals will focus on organizing, cleaning, cooking, decorating, and dreaming. I hope that sharing my goals will give me the needed boost to see them through and also to help other moms get motivation to see their goals through as well.  We busy moms need all the help we can get! I would love to hear about your plans for the week either in a comment with a link to your blog, on the Mommacan.com Facebook Page or even ( gasp) Google Plus if that floats your boat.  I truly believe that sharing our goals will help us to reach our goals.

Chalkboard Labels from Amazon- Love These

Organize- The best way to start an organizing project is to declutter the area until it squeaks truth. What do I mean by truth? Ask yourself as you pick up an item while you declutter, Do I really need this object, do I use this object, or does this object represent a major turning point or event in my life?  These are simple questions, but if you realize the impact you can have on your PEACE OF MIND in a clutter-free environment these questions will be your life-line to achieve this goal.  Less Clutter Truly Means More Peace

My De-clutter Project for the week is my office. If you are a follower on Facebook, you would have read that I broke my toes from running into a table in my office. There is just too much stuff in my multi-hat purpose office and the biggest culprit is a hand-me-down armoire that is going to have to leave my life.

If I ask myself the three question, I could say that it is useful for storing things, but the fact is it is just too big and another piece of furniture could serve the same purpose without taking over the room.

I keep tons of BPA Free and Glass Containers for Food Prep. These are great!

Cook – I am embarking on a Whole 30 despite my broken toes. I will be cooking very little until I heal a bit more, so salads are going to be happening at least once per day.  I will prep-veggies as soon as I can make it to the grocery, but for now I am nibbling on a few items we grabbed at the local market that were pre-cut.

Mojo Mom: Nurturing Your Self While Raising a Family

Dream-  My biggest dream right now is trying to balance my work, family and personal life.  This juggling act after 28 years of parenting is truly difficult. I feel as if I am ready for something new or at least to really focus on my bucket list.  Time is ticking away and that bucket list is sure getting dusty.




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