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Mom’s Family Diner- Day One -Organize the Pantry

Organize the Pantry for Back to School

The kitchen is the hub of the house, so therefore it needs a little extra TLC at the  kick-off of a new school year.  Today we are cleaning and organizing the pantry.  We are not going to obsess over the details, just clear it out, wipe it out and put it back in an orderly fashion.

Pantries Change as Families Grow

I recently reorganized my pantry, and then my diet changed and I had to add all kind of grain free flours and different cooking elements so my organization system suffered.  Now overly neat freaks would say, ” Why didn’t you organize it at the beginning?”.  These are folks that bug me a bit.  If they look at my daily TO DO list they might keep their nosy attitudes to themselves but that is their business.  There is nothing that gets this momma riled up more than a Snoopy Neighbor, A Perky Perfect Friend or a Nosy Relative.

What I am chattering about is this, moms do the best job they can, it is a major learning experience and everything you learn and do can change in an instant.  I have been running a household and parenting for more than 27 years and with a grade school son that will keep me at this job for many more. I know where I need to spend most of my energy and a perfect pantry is not really on that list.

No mind you, I enjoy a nice tidy pantry.  But sometimes when those organic beans go on sale, I just need to cram them all in and that is not what you see in those fancy, glossy magazines.  Apparently, jars of pickles and peanuts never go on sale for a Perky Perfect Pantry’s Household.

Wow, I am Miss chatter pants today.  Lets get on with the show.

Clean and Organize Your Pantry – The Quick and Easy Way

1. Take a Before Pic ( totally optional but can be fun)

2. Turn on some groovy music. ( I enjoy upbeat broadway tunes, but it is all in what you love.)

3. Take everything out of the pantry. Enlist the help of the little ones on some of these items for fun.

4. Wipe down the shelves.

5. Discard the outdated stuff, grab a bog or box and add food items you will never eat to donate.

6. Replace all items, grouping like items together.  For example: Spices, Breads,Oils, Canned Goods and Cereal.

7. Take the donations to your car or a designated donation area and take out the trash.

8. Take your after photograph and do a happy dance. You are finished!

Tah Dah!

This is the first day of our Mom’s Family Diner Series.  This series will take us around the kitchen to be totally ready for a Optimized School Year. We are organizing to optimize the best school year ever!




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