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Easy Family Dinner Recipes for Back To School

Back to School Dinners


Happy Weekend Mommas!

Here are five easy family dinners that can be simplified more with a couple of tweaks.

  • Southwestern Turkey Fajitas –  Short on time. This recipe calls for home made salsa, replace with your favorite jar brand  for a simple, yummy meal.
  • Sweet and Savory Grilled Chicken You can broil this recipe inside, so much faster than asking your husband to fire up the grill and hear him moan and groan.
  • Easy Chili for a cool fall night. Reminds me that the leaves will be changing soon and football season will be occupying my television.  Make extra for the freezer and you can have a cook free night in a week or so!
  • Barbecue Chicken Pizza –  Almost homemade but not quite and if you don’t have time to roll out the dough a thin crust Boboli’s pizza skin would work quite nicely.
  • Gluten Free Corn Dogs – I am truly excited to have these corn dogs as a treat due to my now Gluten Free diet and honestly what kid does not love a corn dog?

Pictured above is the Bake Me A Cake Oven Mitt perfect for your  little chef in training. You can buy it through Amazon.com. Amazon is an affiliate for mommacan.com and helps to pay for the upkeep of this website.

Have a rockin’ weekend!

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