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Organize Your Life In 30 Days – Try Not To Laugh- It Can Happen

Organize Your Life In 30 Days- Mommacan.com

With the whispers of Christmas tingling my ears, echoed by the rustling of fall leaves and the smell of pumpkin spice taunting my every Starbucks visit, I knew that the holidays were knocking and I was still washing  Christmas dinner napkins from last year.

Woe to the daughter of an TOTALLY ORGANIZED mother  if she is caught with her house cluttered with a year’s worth of holiday decorations, an unbalanced checkbook, and a closet bursting with outgrown clothing along with an orange lampshade from a party we all really need to forget.  We are not going to mention forgotten clipped coupons making out with dust bunnies in every corner of my office.

Is that honest enough for you?  Are you feeling comfortable?  I am not.  What if my mother is reading this right now?  Or for the love a decent  piece fudge and good  glass of wine…. my  mother-in-law!!!!!


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Am I alone in this clutter? I don’t think so, the simple KEY WORDS of  Get Organized receive around 11,000 Google hits every month and that is just two key words in the search engines.  So, thousands  and thousands of people are looking to ” Get Organized” .  It’s an exhausting topic, that never seems to find a sure fix.   The problem with reading “Getting organized” articles, ideas, tips and posts is that each one of us is different and there is no perfect solution.

But there is one thing I have learned as a mom of over 28 years, when something needs to get done, we always find a way. The problem is the getting done is usually for our children, spouse or other family member.

This is when the overwhelming feeling of too much to do morphs into clutter, unpaid bills, a sink full of moldy dishes and the local pizza joint on speed dial along with an enormous bottle of TUMS to deal with the heartburn that will follow.

Note: I posted this all on my own free will, because I am a regular user of TUMS. LOL 😉
This post is not a commercial to get busy moms to buy antacids.


So, the next 30 Days of Challenges are for you Busy Moms!  These challenges are tiny, tiny projects that will boost you into organizing your life so that you can take better care of you, your family and all those pesky tasks ( some joyful and some just down right icky) of household management.

Organize Your Life In 30 Days has begun!  Now take that first step, let’s do a tiny project!


Copyright: belchonock / 123RF Stock PhotoTiny Project – Donation Box

Make a tiny promise to yourself to be mindful and take notice of stuff in rooms, closets, cars and the garage that you simply do not use.  Ask other family members to do the same and as a family pledge to donate, give to a friend or throw away 5 items per day!  If you have no clutter, then you are the luckiest family in the world!

5 items per day in nifty donation box right next to the front door or perhaps by the garage door entrance.

Tiny Project – Choose a mini goal. 

Our mini goal in the Organize Your Life in 30 Days, is something that you have been “MEANING TO DO” for an extended period of time.  It could be drink more water, lose five pounds, plan a vacation, start an Emergency Fund Saving Account, walk every day,  “really, truly” keep track of your Weight Watchers points…. and the list is endless as is the possibilities.

Write it down to make it so.: The first thing to do when you want to complete a mini-goal is to choose one small attainable goal and write it down.  If it is drinking more water, super you are done.  If it is planning your first dream vacation to Disneyworld, you may need to write down the next few steps to reach that goal to stay focussed .  The most important is make it attainable in a month.

You cannot lose 50 pounds in a month, but you can lose five is you have it to loose, have a doctor’s approval to try and  a CAN – DO the attitude.

Keep track of your mini-goal in a spiral notebook or calendar or use our FREE PRINTABLE which you can find here and as the days go by and your work on your goal for at least 5 minutes per day you can have the satisfaction of marking a fat RED X on each square.

minigoal sheet 30 Days

Pinky promise that the next post will not be so darn long….……

But seriously, these tiny projects…. so easy even a jumping jack terrier can do them, with a tennis ball in his mouth and a parakeet on his head.

See you tomorrow!

Momma : )

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  1. Great plan. I’m proud to say that I think I’m quite organized already. About 10 years ago I became a member of Flylady, and that helped me organize my household. I’m not a member anymore, but I can do it on my own now.

    1. I did Flylady for a short time while I was pregnant,it was fun for the time that it was new, but the missions always repeated themselves over and over again and the advertisemetns at the end of the emails go to be way overwhelming. Loved the shiny sink idea, that still works for me.

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