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Wipe Out Wednesday- The Kitchen Table

Wipeout Wednesday

The kitchen table in our house is the busiest spot on most occasions. Coloring projects, Lego towers, magazine browsing, family meetings and oh yes, meals.
Sometimes the fingerprints and bits and pieces of what not can make a very interesting art collage. And yep, that is kind of gross. I try to wipe it down after dinner but sometimes my mommy muddled brain forgets and many of the ickies are hidden underneath the placemats. And maybe, just maybe I am hoping some random family member will take the initiative and wipe that sucker down themselves. Has not happened and probably won’t but this is family life and unless I ask I reckon they will not jump on the task themselves. Maybe they don’t care if they are eating on what looks like a nuclear fall-out or maybe they just think it will magically clean itself.

So, I am cleaning it up today and making it shine to perfection, because that is what I like to do when I am obsessing about some particular task.

Simple Daily Challenge: Wipe down your most used dining table and set it up for the next meal. Dazzle it with some napkins left over from the Fourth of July or a past BIrthday Party or really jazz it up with some cloth napkins. Now, this should only take around 5 minutes unless of course your table needs a chisel and a back hoe to clean like mine.

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  1. I’m embarrassed to say that I sometimes need a scrubber brush (bristles and all) to get my table clean. I really need to do a better job at wiping it down after every meal!
    (I’m a new follower… I love the daily challenges!)

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