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So many times as a busy mom, I catch myself working diligently on a project at home and suddenly find myself on a brand new project because I was distracted by either finding it more interesting or just dove in because I happened to be near it at the time.  Then much to my disbelief I go back to my much needed scheduled project and find I will not be finished on time.

Projects in the busy mom world are a bit different than the business world.  The project we dropped the ball on could have been baking 50 dozen cookies for the school fair or sewing the patches on the Scout uniform for an awards ceremony that starts in 10 minutes.  

So here is my Momma Groove tip for the day.  When you find yourself suddenly distracted from you current action/project by something more interesting write it down on your Some Day I Will Find The Time list.  In the GTD this is called the Someday Maybe List.  But for super busy moms I like to keep two kinds of lists.  The someday/maybe list I use for good and juicy stuff like trips to Europe, learning to speak fluent Spanish and make good gluten free bread.  The Some Day I Will Find The Time list of for things that I could totally do right this minute if I had a minute to do it.

What do I do with this list?

I have assigned a fifteen minute slot each day to work on this list every day if I want to.  If the slot gets filled with more pressing matters the world will not end.  But if I have that slot free then I work on my little list of Someday With Time list and many times I am able to finish an entire project in a week!  

These are projects that are not totally necessary to run my home, do my job or parent my child.  But they are little projects that can make our family like and my work life run more smoothly.

Have a rocking day moms!

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