Working on My Momma Groove By Emptying My Head of Everything


I am sitting here looking at a list that is actually one of the longest lists I have ever written in my mommy life. It entails work, family, personal, church, volunteer , someday/ maybe  and long term and short term goals.

It has taken about five to ten minutes per day for a week to complete and it keeps growing.


Creating this list is one of the best keys to practicing GTD. It is really the best first step but it can seem overwhelming.  This is exactly why I choose to just set aside 10 minutes a day to work  on the little monster.


I am inviting and challenging you to do this step even if you are not interested in GTD in the least.  Why? Because it really puts your life in perspective and gives you a bird’s eye  view of just how much you do as a mom.

Let’s Get Started:

You will not need a fancy planner or a crazy difficult software program to get this accomplished. Just some paper, large note pad or a word/pages document. You will not need to worry about spelling or grammar. Just write, write, write for your five or ten  minutes per day until you are pretty close to finished. The truth is you will never totally finish because new TODO’s and information come to you each day.

Each momma’s list will be as different as each momma. And some things on your list might worry you or make you laugh, but just finishing this through the week will get you in a place you might have never experienced. Break out the Calgon Bubbles we are on our way to the Momma Groove.

But what goes on this list?

Every single thing that you need to do, to call, to plan, to accomplish or would like to accomplish. Everything is the key word and that means any and all things that require you time and attention.


For example: Today I am adding create, edit and email parents about CD recording for Children’s Choir as well as organize son’s make up work for school days he missed during his illness. For work, gather quotes for new phone system.

Okay moms! Let’s rock this list!

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  1. Just discovered your blog, and I love it! My kids are grown, but some control before grandchildren come would be nice (I’d better hurry up, #1 is due in August). Life is crazy, stress is high (Indiana/Oregon trips to help care for my terminally ill father), and I really like the Take 5 idea. I’ll be following you!

  2. Oh congrats! This is the best time of your life, a baby is the best gift ever.
    My heart goes out to you about your father, but it just shows what a great person he is having a daughter take great care of him through this part of his journey.


  3. I just discovered your blog too! Love this GTD challenge. I have *so* many projects I’m working on. A friend asked me recently how I do so many projects, and I realized the real answer: Because I never finish any of them.

    Would like to change that!

    1. I am a huge fan of GTD it gave me the time to take a part-time job and still do all of my volunteer work and run a household along with the million things it takes to be a parent. I was even able to build a large website to benefit Uganda in addition to all of this thanks to GTD. David Allen rocks, it is as simple as that.


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