Spring Clean The Refrigerator and Freezer- Say Good-bye To Talking Lettuce Heads

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 13

We are working in the kitchen today!

Today we are cleaning out the refrigerator.  If you have more than one then please save one for your weekend assignment.

I have no idea what your refrigerator  looks like on the inside, but upon my personal inspection, ours has some pretty gross looking spills and an enormous amount of condiments. If there was an earthquake, our entire neighborhood would be banging on my door to beg for condiments  jazz up the flavor of their emergency chili and tuna. Of course, I just cleared out the pantry and apparently I am completely out of canned tuna and chili so some bartering would be needed  so that we all could have a flavorful tuna and chili Neighborhood Potluck.

Wait, I am chattering again… its my way of avoiding creepy hairy lettuce from the vegetable bin.  For some reason, I can never remember we have salad fixings in the vegetable bin. The old saying is true, “out of sight, out of mind”, until of course you open the bin and something resembling a 5th grade science project pops up his head to say hello.  Talking Lettuce Heads are not my cup of tea.


Let’s Get Started:


  1. Empty the all contents of refrigerator/freezer and please throw away the old and icky stuff.
  2. Wipe down shelves with a damp microfiber towel or scrub it with a bit of baking soda and a scratch-proof sponge, then rinse with clean water.
  3. Dry the shelves with a clean cloth.
  4. Replace items in a logical order. (my personal weak spot)
  5. Give the front of the refrigerator a good cleaning with a cleaning product that matches the material on the outside paying particular attention to the handles because they get pretty gross.
    6. You may need to defrost the freezer, if so then schedule this in on a day you make time for the entire process.

My goal: My goal is to create a refrigerator that is clean, organized, and has vegetables and fruit cut-up and ready to eat for my family.  It is so easy to grab crackers and popcorn because it is a easy fix snack. But veggies and fruit take some prep time and I am determined to make time for more healthy options for my family.

Happy Refrigerator Day!


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