100 Club Because Clutter Equals Mess



It is Monday and this week we are clutter busting the living room /family room.  Some folks may have one room like this and some may have three. Some may consider the kitchen their family room and that is probably a good thing. Because my kitchen needs love all the time and it tends to have things scattered around quite frequently.

It is Monday and although we may be busy clutter will grow if we don’t deal with it on a pretty regular basis. So let us get to it.

Simple Daily Challenge: Grab your trash bag and clutter box and put away or throw away 100 items in your family/living room. Yes mam, I said 100 and I know we can do this because mommas rock!

Here is a little motiviational music today to get your 100 items picked up and put away!

HAPPY! by:

Pharrell Williams




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    1. We do a Clutter Busting Event here, we finished up right around Christmas. However, I declutter constantly. With children, it is par for the course. You can look up Busiest Moms in the World Clutter Challenge posts for more info. One day I will organize it. lol


  1. I too need to clutter bust my house 🙁 it’s all so peaceful and quiet without at the moment though…perfect time to put my feet up! xx

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