Spring Cleaning for Busy Moms – Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers

Busiest Moms in the World Spring Clean Challenge Day 27

Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers

I hope everyone had a happy and peaceful weekend and are ready to get down to business and finish up the  bathrooms because, frankly, I am not all that fond of hanging  out in the bathroom.

Today we are cleaning the drawers and cabinets. I know, not much fun.  But just think of the joy we will have if we take the time to clean and get organized. If you feel as if this will just push you over the edge then just pick two drawers or one cabinet and clean and organize those.

I organize or re-organize my bathroom area two or three times a year.  Why?  Because I still have not found the perfect match for my personality. I believe that certain areas of our homes change so often that it can be difficult to stay organized because of these changes.


Change can be:

a. Stocking up for the Flu season and needing space for these products.

b. A new facial routine to battle the wrinkle crinkles- more product

Have a moment at Costco or Sam’s Club and ending up with 200 rolls of toilet paper and 18 tubes of toothpaste.

c. A new baby in the house- even if they have their own space there is always so much stuff. ( note to anyone I know personally, we do not have  a new bun in the oven, so don’t freak out.)


So this time, I am going to try to set my self up so that I can be ready for change.


Let’s Get Started:


  1. Take everything out of the cabinets and drawers.
  2. Clean with with all-purpose cleaner of your choice, then dry with a clean towel.
  3. Replace items, grouping them together. Towels-with towels, cosmetics- with cosmetics etc.
  4. Throw out clutter as you see it and try not to beat yourself up if you feel you have wasted money on items you will never use.  We all do this, I blame it on commercialism and cute displays at the cosmetic counter.
  5. As you work try to leave empty space in each cabinet and drawer for life’s changes.  My goal is to leave space in one cabinet and have one drawer totally empty.  I know I may be dreaming, but hey, a girl can dream.
  6. Empty out the trash and put away your cleaning tools.


This is a pretty big project, so if you have several bathrooms or several drawers and cabinets choose a few today and finish up tomorrow.  I know I am going to be splitting my bathroom and the boy’s bathroom down the middle.


Enjoy your day!

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  1. Good point about “change” being a major challenge to home organization. For the rest of the house (not just the bathroom), I find that any kind of holiday, birthday, illness, or even change of season throws a whole bunch of stuff and clutter into the mix. When no one is looking, I do sweeps through the house to find what needs to be trashed, recycled, or donated…. so we can be ready for the NEXT change that’s coming down the pike.

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