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Back To School Organize to Optimize – Bedroom Clutter

Get Organized for Back To School with our Seven Day Challenge- Day One Bedroom Clutter

Back To School Organize to Optimize – Bedroom Clutter

Day One

Day One is all about getting rid of clutter in the bedroom. This could very well be the most difficult part of the journey.  Children tend to get attached to their things, but too many things can cause unnecessary stress and that is just not a good thing.

Here is your task:

  •  Take a before photo if you like, it helps with your very own parent/mommy motivation during the process. (totally optional)
  • Grab a trash bag, a couple of storage boxes, a donation box, and a clutter box. ( the clutter box is for items that ended up in the bedroom that belongs to another area in the home)
  •  Throw out the trash as you go through the stuff and decide what items are broken and what can be stored.
  • Store as many items that are not necessary for daily use. (this will not be easy, but so worth the time and effort)

We are storing a few items to help bedroom clean up go as quickly as possible.  A major part of this will be toys and games and you may need more than two storage boxes.  The children will know that on weekends that can retrieve a few items from storage, but I would not be surprised if they don’t miss the items at all.

( I am allowing 15 play items and Lego Characters along with 3 favorite board games and video gaming is only allowed on the weekend, but that is my personal choice.)

* Our goal is to have our child’s room de-cluttered enough to be able to tidy in 5 minutes or less at any given moment. This will lower the stress level for everyone!

  •  Place stored items out of sight, throw away trash, and put donations in the back of your car to drop off as soon as possible.
  • Take an after photo and do a happy dance. Day one is over.

I hope you are excited to get started today and I hope you all enjoy getting ready for an awesome optimized school year!

Question:  How much stuff do you think a child needs?  Do you feel that too many toys can cause undue stress or anxiety?  Or the more the merrier?


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  1. Nowadays I think children have too much. I know and knew it then that my child had entirely too much. I think back and ask, “What where you thinking?” And I admit I was the worst! But as I go to my great nephew’s and niece’s birthday (1 year old and 2 years old)parties and see the ‘stuff’ they get, it is worse. I wonder where the parents are going to put it and just how much these children will play with them.

    Although I don’t have a clutter mess in my new home (except for Hubby’s unpacked electronics and paperwork which I don’t consider MY problem) or children at home I enjoy reading your blog as it helps in different ways.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Your comments are helpful to me as well. I am so, so busy and have another set of eyes on my TO DO’s whom has experience in parenting is a big plus.

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